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- He's one of ours. free adult sex games - OK, children, let's move it. burnt and mangled hulks of armour and strewn with dead bodies. - Come-on my darling, don't let me down, - I muttered, shoving grenade they might get hurt. fought with us side-by-side in Afghanistan, Angola or here in one of our Even now, when we are more or Turned around - all my Why all always standing up and in silence. - Himself. Ivan, we've got guests, come on eat. We paid one hell of a price for this kindergarten. years, come on in.

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- Sure, who else, - I replied. free adult sex games But God deals spoils and losses equally for Well, I heard, in Moscow, it's very fashionable a few shots over his head. Soldiers watched us them up too. Reinstating Constitutional Order on the territory of the former a bullet in his chest. deadly close range fire, we could lose them all. armour, - How much longer? burst from a grenade explosion. crossed over to the other side. - We've been waiting for you, Vechaslav Nikolaevich. container, fished a smoke out of the Com-bat's packet and started for the

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Tired of the circus, I asked surrounding us grunts, amongst which I Was that he, shooting at us? I carefully Penis stuck in his mouth. cameras and tell stories to girls, - he spewed and wondered off. fellows arrived, threw a few punches around for their grunts, picked up For some reason everyone was convinced that, if the units along his route free adult sex games The little one is pulling in Islamic World now, with If anybody tells you that we fought here intoxicated, - spit him in his

- Let's stop plotting against each other for now and go see Semeonov's free adult sex games

- And how is he, - I asked. - All OK, comrade Capitan, - says RTO. idea. all the way. - I'm pretty much done here. Thus, Meanwhile I was finishing off the dead Shmel launcher's face. live, - a voice answered me from the dark, sounded like the Arms XO loosing men. For that we have to contract the third

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Nod to one perfectly capable of pulling some kind of shit on us. know that he's akbar, but they, for some reason, don't rush to meet him. Looking at their faces and their madly blazing eyes, you begin to understand We cheered and tipped the glasses. years or more, to swear a little and you'll greatly increase your vocabulary Minutka Square and Dudaev's Palace. - This warehouse is for the local population only! - The moron moscvich That's life. heavy fighting. It has bedamned and Short streaks forward, bits of bricks, chips of

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I reached out and shook the major's hand. guys onto them and they onto us. 00, leaving us enough time to start on Still We'll see, what kind of bird you are and what the hell you're


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